Steven H Brown

Monett, MO USA

I received a B.A. from the University of Missouri and then much later an M.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I graduated in 1993.

I grew up in rural Missouri, United States, in a very small town (population 150). I first fell in love with photography when I visited a camera store for the first time when I was twelve.
I studied photography in High School and also in college.

I received my undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri. I started as a journalism major but quickly discovered that my style of photography did not fit the newspaper ideal. I spent many years discovering for myself what my mind wanted to see come out of my camera. When I started my life as a photographer digital imaging wasn’t even an idea yet. I spent many hours perfecting the craft of black & white printing in a small room under an orange light.

The time that I spent at art school opened my eyes to greater possibilities of expression. I had always taken photographs that were

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