Working at Blurb

The Mission at Blurb

Blurb is a comprehensive indie publishing platform—a unique proposition that marries the precision of cutting-edge technology with the unpredictability of human creativity. To put it another way, we help people create, publish, and sell one-of-a-kind books. What kind of books? Any kind you can imagine—in print book, ebook, and magazine formats.

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    Want to work at Blurb?

    Think you'd be a good fit for our one-of-a-kind culture? Want to change the way the world thinks about books? Want to build incredible products with incredible people? Here's a list of our currently open jobs.

  • Technology

    Beautiful Code Makes Beautiful Books

    We're a group of tinkerers, makers, hackers, and programming language enthusiasts. And we love beautiful books as much as we love beautiful code.

    We believe in testing early and testing often. We pride ourselves in the fact that our teams work closely together to deliver the tightest product possible.

    You'll find us playing music, programming Arduinos, futzing with 3D printers, playing with photography, and writing fiction in our free time.

    Diligence to craft

    If you're passionate about clean code, SOLID objects, and TDD, then you'll feel at home here at Blurb. We practice Continuous Integration, diligent code reviews, and pair programming, and we have a strong commitment to refactoring.

    We're big proponents of Agile and Kanban—we've even gotten the entire organization to embrace the methodology enthusiastically (just ask Marketing).

    Our Toolkit

    We've built (and continue to enhance, improve, and iterate) a comprehensive indie publishing platform. So we're always exploring the technologies that can help us deliver the best possible end product. If you join the Engineering team here at Blurb, some of the technologies you may be involved with include:

    Ruby on Rails
    QT / C++

    Engineers are social too

    Check us out at our favorite hangout spots to see what we're cooking up next.

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  • Teams

    Meet the teams

    Everyone who works at Blurb is part of a team. Learn more about how we break ourselves out to get the work done and the innovations coming. See how we all work together.


    The Engineering team at Blurb uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the best experiences for Blurb authors. We care passionately about delivering software well, and follow best practices to plan, test, write, and deploy our applications. As we say: Beautiful code makes beautiful books.

    We believe strongly in test automation, and commit to software quality from day one with full automation suites for every feature we build.

    We are engineers of all stripes, from DevOps to C++ to Java, Ruby, Javascript, and beyond. We use technologies like DropWizard, Qt, Ember, and Rails.

    Our team is full of creatives and makers; you'll find us snapping cameras, futzing with 3D printers, writing creative fiction, or hacking with the latest languages in our free time. If this is in your DNA too, then Blurb is the place for you.


    The Operations team is responsible for everything involved with actually producing and shipping physical books. This includes everything from owning the relationships with our print partners and carriers to managing routing and costs to working with the Product team to launch new products. And it's also all the daily stuff, like making sure an order delivers on time. The impact to the business is significant and direct. From on-time deliveries to beautifully and professionally printed books, we focus on delivering a quality book and quality service to each customer. Our interest in supporting the customer and supporting each other has created a fun and results-driven working environment. We have the pleasure of working with each team member on a daily basis, as well as frequent interaction and collaboration with each department in Blurb. In short, we're a fun team to work for!


    The Marketing department at Blurb has the enviable job of telling the world about not only the amazing indie publishing platform we've created, but the incredible books that our global community of customers have made with us. From the weekly editorial newsletter that we publish to the in-house video productions that highlight Blurb authors, our creative plates are always full.

    The department handles almost all activities in-house with a few strategic partners in media and public relations. We've got CRM and email marketing experts, performance marketing gurus, web developers extraordinaire, and a cadre of Blurb evangelists that know everything about our books and the people that make them. And we have creative teams in both our San Francisco and London offices with a daily Google hangout to keep us all connected.

    As a company, we believe that everyone has a story to tell. And that makes Marketing at Blurb a lesson in creative reinvention on a daily basis.


    The relationship between the customers and the product is really what is at the core of any great company. For the Blurb Product team, there is nothing more important than that relationship. To that end, the robust team is made of innovators and builders, tapped in attentively to our customers, constantly dreaming up the next big thing that will solve user problems, either through launching something completely new or making the tiniest iterative addition to an existing product.

    Every part of our team contributes to innovating that next thing that will matter the most. We're product managers who work closely with user experience designers to truly understand customer behavior (and then with engineers to build on that knowledge) and visual designers who give the products that unique Blurb look. Everything from conception to delivering the product to our Marketing team is the Product team's exciting responsibility to carry.

    Customer Support

    We are optimistic enough to hope everyone will be thrilled with his or her Blurb experience, but pragmatic enough to know that won't always be the case. We take great pride in figuring out solutions to the most complicated problems as well as answering the simplest inquiries about Blurb (or anything else you want to ask us about). We're smart, articulate, caring people who understand the value of building relationships. Customer Support works cross-departmentally to pass feedback to stakeholders and continually improve our users' experience. We're obsessed with metrics and making data-driven decisions, but never forget that each contact is an opportunity to be the personal connection between our users and Blurb.

    Finance and Accounting

    The Finance team is composed of two groups: Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) and Accounting. Together we keep Blurb's proverbial financial house in order by paying the bills on time, providing financial reporting and analyses, managing cash, and making sure that we are allocating our financial resources in the best way possible. There is not a department or person within the company with whom we do not come into contact. Whether it's in dealing with payroll issues, expense reports, or ROI analyses on a project, someone from Finance is involved. And while we do love to tell our story with numbers, we're not your typical number-crunching geeks. We actually like to interact and banter with our colleagues in the other departments. So whether you're an accountant or analyst, if you're good with numbers and want to engage others with the same passion, come join us on our journey.

    Program Management

    At Blurb, we're serious about meeting our product launch commitments and we depend on the skill and passion of the Program Management Group to make it happen. Program Management at Blurb partners closely with Product Managers and Engineering as well as all other functional areas in the company to successfully deliver products to market. A Program Manager at Blurb is also a champion in Agile adoption—coaching self-directed teams by coordinating Agile ceremonies, engaging stakeholders, removing obstacles, and fostering communication.

    Sales/Business Development

    The Inside Sales Team is responsible for selling Blurb's innovative indie publishing solution and increasing our customer portfolio by developing new business by selling our print and ebook solutions to customers looking for volume orders. We're a small, growing team that is fun and passionate about the industry—and of course driven by closing a deal. (Otherwise we're in the wrong job!) We're also the ones who maintain the most day-to-day dialogue with the global self-publishing community, so our feedback is really important for the business and contributes to how we shape our ongoing strategy.

    Human Resources

    The role of HR at Blurb, first and foremost, is to partner with leadership to recruit and retain the best talent to drive the business forward. In addition to that it is critical that HR ensure the company is in compliance with state and federal laws. Our goal is to ensure that the department passionately pursues this agenda so that Blurb continues to be a premier employer.

    In an effort to recruit and retain the best talent, we are constantly looking at how we can connect employees closer to the business and improve the employee experience. My team partners closely with leadership to focus on attracting and developing talent through a number of initiatives such as rolling out a goals process to promote alignment, democratizing learning and development via Blurb University, promoting employees from within to drive key lines of business, and providing world-class benefits.

    We on the HR team thrive on making deep connections, whether that be via the people or the business. We come to work every day with a positive, can-do attitude and we love our work. We hope this shines through in everything we do.


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  • Benefits

    Benefits at Blurb

    At Blurb, you don't just benefit from a competitive salary and equity options (and some seriously fun coworkers). Here are just a few of the perks we offer to our employees:

    Blurb University

    Blurb University

    Blurb University offers all employees at Blurb ongoing educational and enrichment opportunities to build better career, people and business management skills. Classes are delivered in-person and through e-learning that cover a plethora of topics for both personal and professional development.


    • Celebrating Creativity
      Celebrating Creativity
      Are you in a band? We can't wait to hear about it. Do you draw and write graphic novels? We'd love to see them. Got a great idea for an app? Bounce it off the team. Do what you love—in the office and out of it—and you'll love what you do here.
    • Free Catered Lunch
      Free Catered Lunch
      We know you can't work on an empty stomach—and we know that the team that eats together works well together. That's why every Wednesday we order a fresh, delicious lunch for the whole office. We also have organic fruit deliveries twice a week.
    • Subsidized Massage
      Subsidized Massage
      Work hard—but ditch the stress twice a month with onsite subsidized chair massages for $1 a minute. Set up your appointment in advance (or pick up a spot at the last minute).
    Hard Benefits

    That's just the beginning, though. Here's what you get in addition to your paycheck:

    • Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance (HMO, PPO, HSA options)
    • Parental Leave Benefit
    • 401(k) Retirement Plan
    • Employer-Paid Life insurance, Short-term and Long-term disability
    • Flexible Spending Accounts for Medical, Dependent Care, and Transportation and Parking expenses
    • 10 Paid Holidays
    • 15 Days Paid Time Off Per Year (with tenure-based increases after two years)
    • Birthday Off
    • Catered Lunch on Wednesdays
    • Office massage
    • $300 credit a Year to Create Your Own Books with Blurb


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    Welcome to our neighborhood

    One of the best things about working at Blurb's San Francisco office is the neighborhood. We're right in the middle of downtown SF—the Financial District, Chinatown, Union Square, SOMA, North get the idea. Here's an annotated list of some of our favorite lunch spots, cafes, and more.


    Blurb, Inc.

    600 Calirornia Street, 11th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94108

    • Golden Star Vietnamese Restaurant
      11 Waiter U Lum Pl.
      San Francisco, CA 94108

      "A huge bowl of Pho or a rice plate for less than $10. Enough said. Cash only!"
    • R&G Lounge
      631 Kearny St.
      San Francisco, CA 94108

      "Great spot for a group lunch. Definitely go for the seafood."
    • Wayfare Tavern
      558 Sacramento St.
      San Francisco, CA 94111

      "A go-to place for after-work drinks and delicious snacks."
    • Tadich Grill
      240 California St.
      San Francisco, CA 94111

      "A San Francisco institution that's a little fancy, but great for lunch or dinner."
    • Mixt Greens
      120 Sansome St.
      San Francisco, CA 94104

      "The best salads in town—order one of their specials or build your own."
    • Coffee Bar
      101 Montgomery St.
      San Francisco, CA 94104

      "Do I have to say more? Try the flat white or Cortado."
    • Ramen Underground
      356 Kearny St.
      San Francisco, CA 94108

      "The line out the door speaks for itself. Get there early!"
    • Baladie Cafe
      337 Kearny St.
      San Francisco, CA 94108

      "Get the Sultan's Iron Bowl on a rainy day. Lentil spinach chicken lemon rice soup...mmmmm."
  • Employee Spotlight

    Employees at Blurb

    We're engineers, product experts, designers, executives, and more—but we're also real people (who are really fun to work with). Meet some of the people who make Blurb happen and learn more about who we are and what we do all day.


    • Alex Palacios
      Alex Palacios
      Art Director
      If you could describe working at Blurb in three words, what would they be?
      Open, friendly, creative.
      How do you describe your job at Blurb to other people?
      I design for a book publishing platform. They always get excited and tell me about their in-progress book projects.
      What do you like to do when you're not working?
      If you know me, you've probably seen me outside somewhere with my dog Liyah, her ball, and a book. I'm also prone to karaoke, video games, sociology, gardening, visual arts, and decontextualized movies quotes.
    • Chris Marsh
      Chris Marsh
      Director of Print Operations
      If you could describe working at Blurb in three words, what would they be?
      Fun, Collaborative, Flexible
      How do you describe your job at Blurb to other people?
      As Director of Print Operations, I manage a team that oversees global production of all printed products sold. My job involves a considerable amount of cross departmental communication. There's so much to learn from other departments and it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and better understand how each department contributes to the overall company.
      What do you like to do when you're not working?
      Trips to Tahoe

      Hiking Mount Tamalapais and the shores of Point Reyes National Seashore with my beautiful wife and kids.

      Playing golf or a pick up game of basketball.

      Pool parties and BBQ'ing.

      Reading books about investing and self improvement like "Rich Dad Poor Dad", "How to Win Friends and Influence People", "Think and Grow Rich", "The Obstacle Is the Way" and "Ego Is the Enemy".
    • Chris Zhang
      Chris Zhang
      Lead Software Engineer
      What's your favorite thing about working at Blurb?
      The company culture is excellent and everyone here is really diverse and welcoming, which is a rarity in the tech industry. Everyone I interact with on a regular basis is really nice and I feel respected both personally and professionally. I enjoy being around all the members of my team and I really appreciate that management respects our time and work-life balance and also doesn't, for example, start yelling or trying to throw people under the bus if something ever goes wrong, or have unrealistic ideas and demands about deadlines, or any of the other dysfunctional stories I've heard about managers at other companies.
      If you could describe working at Blurb in three words, what would they be?
      Good work-life balance.
      What technologies, processes, and techniques do you get to use?
      Uh, in no particular order: Ruby, Rails 2, Rails 3, Coffeescript, Haml, Sass, Git, Rspec. We're working on being more Agile. We do a fair amount of pair programming and all our commits are code-reviewed.


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