Roberta Kayne

Dublin, OH, United States

Roberta Kayne has been taking photos for over 30 years as a form of therapy and a way to heal the past and focus on the present. When she is concentrating on taking pictures, the world fades away, and the only thing that exists is the subject of her photos. She has survived breast cancer and now she appreciates every day she is alive to share the beauty of the world, one photo at a time.

Roberta tries to capture her love for not only the smallest details that surround us but also the bigger picture of grand landscapes. Many of her photographs are from the 28 plus countries she has traveled to, and some are taken in and around her home base of Dublin, Ohio.

Roberta's main interests in photography are landscapes, impressionist and artistic interpretations of subjects, and photos of the culture and people of the country she is visiting.

To see more photos, please visit her website at or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Bücher von Roberta Kayne