Maria Tzoutzopoulou

Athens, Greece

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, I have enjoyed and created art from an early age. Years later, my studies in civil engineering allowed me to combine my love for the arts with my belief in an orderly world. Meanwhile, reading and writing have always been my favorite pursuits.

While collaborating as an editor with other authors, assisting them in their writing endeavors, in 2014, I wrote and published independently my first book in English, The Great Journey, which was later published in Greek under the title Το Μεγάλο Ταξίδι (2015).

Since then, I have been exploring different writing genres. So far, I have also published the following books:

Adieus (2023)
Something Like in Reverse (2020)
A TriAngle (2019)
Something Like (2018)
Instants of Mine (2017)
At This Time of the Year (2017)
En Route (2016)

Bücher von Maria Tzoutzopoulou