Martina Rall

Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Born in Germany, Martina Rall studied Italian and German literature as well as linguistics at the Universities of Tübingen and Parma/Italy (M.A.), and later on Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Nürtingen.
She worked first as a graphic designer before she devoted herself to her artistic career. As a multi-faceted artist, she uses different techniques and materials in her artworks: graphics, paintings, photographs and writings.
In Art she focuses on a mixed media series of Icon Self Portraits "Being Marilyn Monroe" and a photo series about “Artists in Action”, portraying European artists from various fields: musicians, authors and actors at work, to explore the creative process and the fascination of art.
With Blurb Martina Rall selfpublished her photobook "Artist Portraits: Roland Koch Actor" as well as her cultural magazine APP - 1: "Roland Koch. Burgtheater."
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Bücher von Martina Rall