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Paris, France

If your only reasons to look for help with your book idea are lacking the time or feeling intimidated by the Blurb free software (which is, by the way, not bad), then look elsewhere. I will be glad to help you if you have higher ambitions. But higher ambitions come with a price.
However, I think that I can compete with most of my colleagues.
I'll put a lot of work into your book in order to make it something really special. I don't use ready made page templates. I use my design inspiration and typography know-how in order to bring out the best from your project. You see, I have high ambitions of my own, because I want every book to represent me as well as to be the best expression of your intentions. There is a rich treasure of stories in each of our lives. They are all worth recording, both for ourselves as well as for future generations. Take a look at the books I made and if you'll think that I'm not just an example of French arrogance, send an email and tell me about your project.


Doesn't matter the subject: travel memories, wedding and birthday receptions, special events, personal and family life stories, your beloved pets (present or past), recipes, poetry and novels, business presentations and artists portfolios will be turned into a custom designed book that you'll treasure for life. A creative director and graphic designer, I start making books to show my own photographical works. Later, I was invited to join Blurb's book designers community.

Berufsverbände und Organisationen

The French Photographers Federation.
The French association of Crazy Cats owners.

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