Tracy Jackson

Gainesville, FL

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have a fascinating life story that started in Cleveland, Ohio. They got married in 1992 and moved from Cleveland in 1993 when Mr. Jackson decided to join the Air Force. Since then, they have been traveling the world, exploring new cultures and experiences. They have two wonderful adult children, Loriell and Will, whom they raised with great care and attention. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson were both ordained Ministers and served within the various Military communities, as well as within the cities where they lived in the community.
After retiring from the Air Force, Mr. Jackson decided to pursue his education and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resources. He then continued his career serving at the Veteran Health Administration. Meanwhile, Mrs. Jackson was busy earning several degrees, including an Associate degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, a Master of Science degree in Theology, and a Master of Science cert

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