Kristin Espinasse

Sainte Cecile-Les-Vignes, France

Kristin Espinasse is the creator and writer behind French Word-A-Day (, a "thrice-weekly" word journal that began in 2002.

She is the author of "Words in a French Life" (Simon and Schuster) and the photographer for her latest venture, Cinéma Vérité: an online photo vernissage that is updated each Saturday morning.

American-born, Kristin has lived in France since 1992, where she helps her husband, a French winemaker, harvest the grapes each year on their farm, Domaine Rouge-Bleu, in Provence. The work is made joyful thanks to the presence of their children, Max (14-years-old) and Jackie (12), and their two Golden Retrievers, Braise and Smokey. Visit them each M-W-F at the word-a-day blog.