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James Royce
Blurbarian Since Februar 2011
Name James Royce
My Web Site http://www.jamesroycephotography.com
Location Fort Myers Beach, FL
Gender Männlich
My Occupation Web developer and photographer
My Bio My photography career began like most, with the opening of a studio, shooting portraits and weddings. I was looking for a way into product and fashion photography.

I got my break when while shooting a model portfolio for the daughter of the advertising director for Nordstrom department stores. She asked me if I'd be interested in doing the fall supplement of their catalog. Of course I jumped at the chance and never looked back. Some of who I had liked to call my "heavy hitter” clients were of course Nordstrom, followed by Milton Bradley Toys, Sears, Coca Cola, Smith & Wesson, Spaulding Sporting Goods, General Foods, Marriott Host, and many others.

Where in the past, I was always under an ad agency or client deadline, I can now create images purely for the love of photography.

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