Carol Brozman

Ridgefield, WA

Carol Brozman received her BFA in Art from Northern Illinois University in 1985. In her work, she incorporates a layered, textured technique by use of color pencil and lithopaper, currently working in watercolor and ink.

Abstractions based on views of landscape, nature, fields, sky and stars recur as figurative elements in the work transformed into geometric and organic lyrics. Drawings have an established concise, concentrated mark. Images are highly influenced by music, emotions and experience.

Works are based on pieces produced in sketchbooks spanning over twenty two years. The body of work produced is reflective of a devotion to seeking the fragility, wonderment, mystery and language of a life lived.

Carol Brozman lives in Washington State with her longtime partner and cats. She devotes her time to drawing, reading, and playing mandolin.

Bücher von Carol Brozman