Connie Bickman


"Some of life's biggest lessons occur when you least expect them - like when a ten year old girl said she only needed one pair of shoes - leave her old ones for someone who had none..."

With a photography career spanning over 35 years, Connie Bickman has won regional and international awards for photography and writing. Her passion for travel has brought her to far corners of the earth, nearly 40 underdeveloped countries, in search of adventure and the opportunity to photograph and document native cultures, the environment and humanitarian issues.
She is the author/photographer of Tribe of Women, (New World Library), winner of a Jeanette Fair Tau State Minnesota Women’s Writer Award, and author of a series of 10 educational children's books, "Through the Eyes of Children." Her novel, "The Touchstone Diary" and romance/adventure novel, "Jungle Moon" can be ordered online at Amazon or ordered through bookstores. Her family/friend cookbook, "Let's Eat," can be ordered here.

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