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"Suit" showcases numerous photographs taken of Andreas Schmidt over the last 16 years wearing the same suit.
During C/O Berlin Book Days, http://www.co-berlin.info/program/book-days/2012.html, the artist will be present in his suit and conduct book signings at a specially curated table. The special edition book (Edition of 32) will also include a single Polaroid on the final page showing the artist standing next to the purchaser. Will it be you?

A trade edition of the book will be published soon after.


Über den Autor

Andreas Schmidt
auschmidt London, UK
"knowingly at the opposite end of attractive publishing" Elisabeth Tonnard / artist "a prolific self-publisher exploring the very nature of books and magazines" Christopher Clary / artist "It's such a bold yet brilliant idea" Mishka Henner / artist "What a laugh!" Martin Parr / photographer / curator / supreme book collector "I'm appalled that you did this" Judy Natal / photographer "One more time you do a very clever job" Rémi Coignet / Le Monde "Andreas Schmidt brilliantly debunks the notion that expensive equals quality" Jonathan Lewis / artist "Andreas Schmidt takes the concept of the book and shakes it like a rag doll...until its head comes off. He finds truth in extremes." Jean Keller / artist "Schmidt is a master of the unexpected twist" Hatje Cantz Publishers "a superb collaborative photobook work" Harvey Benge / photographer "I'll track down your books" Alec Soth / photographer "a pleasingly disruptive photobook maker" Marc Feustel / Eyecurious

Veröffentlichungsdatum  04. Mai 2012

Abmessungen  Quadratisch klein  36 Seiten Standardpapier


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