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For many young artists from Central and Eastern Europe photography offers the safe position of an observer in the flow of an ever-changing civil society – a position that might help others to find their own identity. 
The young artists gathered in LAB EAST have developed self-confidence, they seem focused and open to the exchange of ideas. In their photography form does not dominate the content. Instead the artists use empathy, intelligent critique and humour to describe their personal environment.
LAB EAST shall encourage the discussion about aesthetic and socially relevant questions. The chosen form of presenting the 30 artistic positions in an alphabetical order offers a vivid alternation of visual 
language and topics. It thus parallels the dynamics of historical events and recent developments.


Über den Autor

H. Cløver (Kloever)
Kloever Berlin, Germany
H. Cløver lives in Berlin, Germany. Apart from writing, he works as a photographer, publisher and graphic designer. He travelled Pakistan and India extensively in the mid-1990s, doing field work in the course of his studies of anthropology. His subject was Mystic dimensions of popular Islam in South Asia, a guarantee for memorable encounters. One highlight of his sojourn in Abbotabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkwah province, was of a more political nature: an invitation to diner at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) by a group of young officers. The PMA is located only a few hundred yards from the future hiding place of Osama bin Laden.

Veröffentlichungsdatum  28. Oktober 2010

Abmessungen  Quadratisch klein  266 Seiten Standardpapier

Kategorie  Kunstfotografie


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bornadfam47 sagt

Impressing. Probably I buy it. Really a great achievement

veröffentlicht um 04. Feb. um 03:55 PST


ninapak sagt

Very interesting book!

veröffentlicht um 15. Jan. um 22:52 PST


illinger sagt

Great work, I like it !

veröffentlicht um 15. Dez. um 05:16 PST


hscottbrown sagt

wonderful photography and stylishly presented. Well done

veröffentlicht um 02. Dez. um 02:43 PST


annelaurej sagt

Very nice book ! beautiful photos.

veröffentlicht um 26. Nov. um 08:51 PST


troisanneaux sagt

What a gorgeous book, very different and good pesentation.

veröffentlicht um 18. Nov. um 04:31 PST


Sorine sagt

One of the best photography books I've seen in a long time.

veröffentlicht um 18. Nov. um 04:26 PST

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