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Wild Life - Naked Outdoors

The title suggests many possibilities... skinny dipping, flashing for beads or attention, public exhibitionism, social nudism, getting close to nature, escape from oppressing rules and restrictions, rebellion, liberation of the free spirit, sunbathing with no tan lines, nude modeling, body painting, dance, yoga, festivals, contests and events. It can be appreciated by all who dare - whether participating or watching. Most will agree you have not lived until you've tried it.

At ArtBarkVideo.Com we have taken a keen interest in the social aspects of public nudity. From the fears of a shy first-time model to the excitement of a professional showgirl, from a tourist winning beads and cheers on Bourbon Street in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, or an experienced stripper or an adult entertainer signing autographs and posing for her fans at a convention, festival or special event, we capture the experience in photos and videos for your personal enjoyment.

We would like to thank all of the participants for graciously posing for our cameras and sharing their unique beauty with us. All subjects are over the legal age of 18 at the time of visual recording.

305 photos in all on 160 pages. Preview is set to ALL pages.

Individual photos from this book may be purchased from post cards to canvas prints here:


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We have closed our ArtBarkVideo web site, but our work is found here on Blurb, RedBubble.com as ArtBarkVideo and on Coccovision.com video by member Artiztik. Check us out and explore our world.


layne1 sagt

Another fine effort on your part. I love this sort of visual exploration. I see you taking this is so many different and interesting directions. Keep up the journey. Topics everyone is interested in but afraid to tackle the challenges. You are making headway for sure.

veröffentlicht um 02. Nov. um 08:39 PST


dannysixx sagt

Looks awesome!

veröffentlicht um 29. Mai um 16:43 PST


kevoch sagt

I would like to have it.

veröffentlicht um 22. Apr. um 11:09 PST


CathieB sagt

Thanks for contacting me. The women in your book are stunning. Did you get signed model releases from them? I use model releases for all my models but they aren't candid street shots like yours.My first book will be delivered Tuesday. I can't wait. I have an exphibition coming up and I'm not sure if the books I'll order after I check out this one will arrive on time.

veröffentlicht um 20. März um 16:22 PST


artbarkvideo sagt

I just received the printed copy of my book today, and after months of layout and editing, I must say it is like seeing my work for the very first time! After viewing everything on electronic monitors for the last 7 years, there is something very gratifying about the printed page, Blurb gave very fast turn-around time on this order, and the quality is above my expectations!

veröffentlicht um 05. März um 12:37 PST


mikepenney sagt

The book is interesting in it's ability to cross from art to lewd and back again several times.

veröffentlicht um 27. Feb. um 12:19 PST

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